Friday, October 28          7:00-10:00pm      Michael Deej

Saturday, October 29      7:00-10:00pm      Billy T.

Friday, November 4        7:00-10:00pm       Paul Anthony

Saturday, November 5     7:00-10:00pm      Matt McMickle

Friday, November 11         7:00-10:00pm     Michael Deej

Saturday, November 12    7:00-10:00pm     The Powertones

Friday, November 18        7:00-10:00pm     Jenny Hoatson

Saturday, November 19    7:00-10:00pm     Matt McMickle

Friday, November 25        7:00-10:00pm     Mike Murphy

Saturday, November 26    6:00-10:00pm     Vinnie Ferrone

Friday, December 2        7:00-10:00pm       Jenny Hoatson

Saturday, December 3     7:00-10:00pm      Mike Murphy

Friday, December 9         7:00-10:00pm     The Powertones

Saturday, December 10    7:00-10:00pm     Dean Dobbs

Friday, December 16        6:00-10:00pm     Vinnie Ferrone

Saturday, December 17    7:00-10:00pm     Bill Henderson

Friday, December 23        7:00-10:00pm     Michael Deej

Friday, December 30        7:00-10:00pm     Paul Anthony