Friday, April 8          7:00-10:00pm    Michael Deej

Saturday, April 9      7:30-10:30pm     Gladys and the Powertones

Friday, April 15         7:00-10:00pm    Vinnie Ferrone

Saturday, April 16     7:30-10:30pm    Matt McMickle

Friday, April 22        7:00-10:00pm    Tony Caggiano

Saturday, April 23    7:30-10:30pm    Gladys and the Powertones

Friday, April 29        7:00-10:00pm    Vinnie Ferrone

Saturday, April 30    7:30-10:30pm    Dobbs and Doubleday

Friday, May 6           7:00-10:00pm    No Politics

Saturday, May 7       7:30-10:30pm    Mike Murphy

Friday, May 13          7:00-10:00pm   Vinnie Ferrone

Saturday, May 14      7:30-10:30pm    Whiskey Dregs

Friday, May 20         7:00-10:00pm    Matt McMickle

Saturday, May 21      7:30-10:30pm    Michael Deejs

Friday, May 27         7:00-10:00pm    Vinnie Ferrone

Saturday, May 28     7:30-10:30pm     Jenny Hoatson